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Hi!  I'm Michelle Wynn, founder of Sustainable Education, a one-on-one private tutoring service for students who need to enhance their study skills, improve their scores, gain confidence in their abilities, and get lasting results.  I believe that when teaching is tailored to students' needs and delivered with warmth and compassion, learning will last!  I have taught all levels of chemistry, biology, neurobiology, English Literature and Dramatic Arts at both public and private institutions.  I've been a well respected, award winning teacher for over twenty years, and now I am making my passion, expertise, and commitment available to you.  Your child will receive personalized attention and will benefit from learning strategies that fit their individual needs.  I am dedicated to helping provide the confidence my clients need not only to be successful, but also to have a lasting love of learning.

Having been a teacher and tutor for over two decades, I have the experience and expertise to explain difficult concepts in understandable ways.  You may be surprised to learn that I was not always a scientist.  In high school, I excelled in music, theater, and creative writing but was intimidated by math and science.  It wasn't until I discovered a love for neuroscience that the scientific world began to make sense to me.  I know first hand that finding the right path to understanding was critical to my success in science.  Since then, I've published original scientific research I've conducted at top universities, and have given presentations at national conferences on the strategies I've developed to help students learn.  The best part for me is I absolutely love what I do.  Witnessing those "A-Ha!" moments with my students is what motivates me to continue doing this work. 

I believe it is important to be a role model for my students in giving back. Fifteen years ago when I worked with a student who was a former gang member who needed help starting his life over, I was inspired to create a nonprofit to help other former gang members reintegrate back into society. With the help of Massachusetts General Hospital and Dr. R. Rox Anderson, who provided gang tattoo removal as the first step, I created a program to help these kids transition back to their communities.  Additionally, six years ago, I was inspired by a documentary on girls with disabilities so I created a program with my students in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It is called "Miss Unlimited."  This program not only provides a platform for girls with disabilities to share their talents with the wider community, but also builds relationships among volunteers and participants.  The best part was teaching my students how to take an idea and build it from nothing, while also teaching them to be creative and persistent when they believe in something.  


Ph.D. EDUCATION (Current Student)


American Chemical Society 

     Lloyd P. Ryland “2014 Outstanding Chemistry Teacher” 

University of Massachusetts, Amherst 

     Distinguished Young Alumni Award 

Stanford University School of Medicine

     RET Fellowship

Harvard University

     Teachers as Scholars Fellow

Boston College

     Donovan Scholarship

     Outstanding Graduate Student

National e-cheivement Award

     Project Prentiss Founder


"Connecting Neuroscience to the High School Chemistry Curriculum"

     2017 American Chemical Society National Conference

“Good Decision Making”

     Guest Speaker for graduating seniors - a mix of stand up comedy and poignant advice for college

"The Neurobiology of Learning" 

     Reutters Grant delivered to educators


September 2017: American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT):  "In My Element"

January 2007: Journal of the Neurobiology of Disease: “Modulation of Epiletiform activity by glutamine and System A transport in a Model of Post Traumatic Epilepsy”.


Founder and Executive Director "Project Prentiss"

     A gang tattoo removal program in the Greater Boston Area in conjunction with MGH

Founder and Executive Director "Miss Unlimited"

     A celebration of girls with disabilities in the San Francisco Bay Area created with my students

Sustainable Education

Learning That Lasts

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