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"Michelle was the best tutor I've ever had!" - John, Boston University Academy


"Without Michelle's help, I wouldn't have passed AP Chemistry." Megan, Boston Public Schools

"She made everything feel easy." Tom, Lexington High School

"I appreciated how she took the time to make sure I really understood something, before moving on.  She checks for understanding constantly." Noah, Northfield Mount Herman

Chemistry Class

I Make Chemistry Easy!

Online or In Person

High School or College Chemistry




  • 20+ years Experience

  • Record Breaking AP Scores

  • American Chemical Society Outstanding Teacher Award

  • Published in Journal of American Association of Chemistry Teachers

  • Individually tailored lessons and available to answer questions outside lesson times

Need lasting help with chemistry from an expert?

I've spent the last 20 years developing student centered learning strategies that work.  I've taught all levels - high school (including AP) and college - but most importantly, I LOVE helping people learn chemistry! Additionally, as a neuroscientist, I believe learning lasts when the brain is ready for information, which is why I encourage and respond quickly to texts from students outside our weekly time together.

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"Michelle made chemistry easy.  She explained things in ways I understood,

and showed me strategies that worked on tests, and I ended up with an A!" Julia, Milton Academy

"I always felt like I understood what Michelle explained, and chemistry suddenly felt easy.  I'm not a science person so I didn't believe this was possible." Tom, Deerfield Academy

"Michelle Wynn was an outstanding chemistry tutor. She knew how to teach big concepts while also addressing smaller/specific areas that were not taught in class. She was approachable, kind, patient and funny. Both of our kids felt comfortable reaching out to her when they needed help and she was always able to squeeze them into her busy schedule. I highly recommend her!" Claudia, BC High and The Winsor School parent 

More Testimonials!

Eileen Nottoli

American Chemical Society

"Ms. Wynn was selected as our Outstanding High School Chemistry Teacher in 2014 based on an enthusiastic nomination by her fellow teachers. She initiated a Chemistry Bowl competition between her students and one of the highest performing high schools in San Francisco, and has won! She has the ability to engage students through her enthusiasm, good humor and knowledge of what will gain student’s attention as she illustrated in her talk to teachers at the 2017 American Chemical Society’s National Meeting in San Francisco."

Whether you are interested in helping your child prepare to study chemistry or helping your child achieve a higher grade in his or her chemistry course, please contact me as soon as possible so we can begin enhancing your child’s learning experience. 

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