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Working with Michelle Wynn this year has turned our fifth grade daughters scholastic path into
one of positive achievement, a tribute to Michelle’s ability to engage and foster a true love of
learning. Through sessions with Michelle, Aliya’s confidence in herself and her abilities has
exponentially grown. What started as academic tutoring for Aliya, morphed into a
process involving standardized testing and school application essays, with the end result being
dramatically improved ISEE scores and writing skills. While we are cognizant of the hard work
that our daughter performed, my husband and I know it couldn’t have occurred without the
consistent guided efforts by Michelle. Her “generous, authentic, and funny” style (my daughters
words) and excellent communication skills has given Michelle the ability to connect with any age
from child to adult. Lastly, her own personal academic achievements in the arts and 
sciences, coupled with her concrete understanding of the trajectory of Middle and High School
expectations in all areas, has enriched the process, as it has helped her focus on the appropriate
foundational blocks for Aliya. Michelle will be successful in education with
any direction that it will take her, and we are excited to watch her flourish on the East Coast!

Skyler Joshi, Beaver Academy Parent, Boston, MA

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“Michelle is a remarkable tutor both professionally and personally. We were impressed with her prompt responses, excellent communication and willingness to take extra steps to understand what caused our son to stumble on exams. She provided the tools and structure he needed to do well in a challenging class. Education is relational. Michelle's warmth, enthusiasm and appreciation of our son as a full person gave her inroads to motivating him. He wrapped up the class with a good grade and the year on a positive note. The most important lesson learned through working with Michelle wasn't how to get a good grade, but that confidence and pleasure go hand-in-hand with learning, hard work and overcoming a daunting task.”

Jane L., GUNN High School Parent, CA

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"I was an honors chemistry student in my sophomore year of high school and found the class very challenging. It was taking me hours to complete my homework assignments and I was doing poorly on tests, unable to understand the material or how to study. Michelle Wynn was recommended as a tutor by a family friend. I met with her once a week, to work on studying, reviewing labs, and homework. She walked me through each topic and helped me organize my notes so I understood both the subject material my class had covered that week but also the material and topics to come. I ended the year acing the final exam! Michelle as a tutor was absolutely the turnaround I needed."

Quinn, La Salle Academy, RI

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“Michelle not only knows her subjects and how to teach them in ways that my son can understand, but she also is a fine person who has become a role model to my son as well as a family friend. My son enjoys having Michelle come to tutor—what more could a parent hope for?”

Julie, H., Parent Woodside Priory, CA

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"Michelle was a great tutor for me. When I couldn't figure out the answer to a question, she didn't just give me the solution, but helped me work through it. This approach helped me get an "A" on my tests. Besides being a good tutor, Michelle is a caring person. She will listen to all sorts of cool stuff, then promptly tell you to go back to work. Her character is part of what makes her a successful tutor."

Ben L, Student, GUNN High School, Palo Alto, CA

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“One of the most important things when teaching high school is to understand that not all students take courses because they are already passionate or curious about the subject. Michelle not only understood this, she used this to her advantage. She made an effort to find out the passion of all her students in class. She came to outside student performances and athletic games. She knew the lives of each student in the class, and she followed up with all of them. Not only did this gain Michelle respect from the students, it made most students desire to do well because of their admiration they held for her. Her love of her students is evident every day in class. She showed a respect and dedication to her class that is rare.”

Sophia M., Student, Cambridge Rindge and Latin, Cambridge, MA

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"When it comes to Biology and Chemistry, not only is Michelle the most knowledgeable person I have ever met, but her capacity to teach is incredible. She can clearly explain concepts and information in 10 minutes that my teacher failed to fully explain in an entire class period."

John Helfrich, Student, Woodside Priory, Woodside, CA

Open Book

“Michelle is an exemplary teacher who helps students understand science, communicate what they know, and advocate for their beliefs. Her work is among the most articulate, reflective, and thorough; demonstrating thoughtful and complete analysis and synthesis of content and pedagogy and demonstrating an astute ability to mediate theory and practice.”

Dr. Audrey Friedman, Lynch School of Education, Boston College

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"“Michelle is a rare gift.  A natural teacher, she has brought to the English department an extraordinary blend of intellect, enthusiasm, commitment, and organization that has inspired every person with whom she has had contact.”

Marcia I. Kleinman, Darien High School English Department Chair

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